Custom Enterprise Solutions

URL Filtering

Browsers open up your network to cyber threats. These threats use weak points in the system to gain access to sensitive corporate information and user data. Compliance issues can arise based on type of content employees access in the work environment. Front Line has designed a bespoke URL filtering system to meet the evolving needs of corporate networks.

Connected Devices

Malicious software, aka malware, can not only infiltrate your computer, but any connected device you have on your corporate network. Our Antivirus Suite protects all your devices, from modem to phone, and includes MDM device management capabilities for bring your own device environments.

Isolated Browser Sessions

Downloading anything via an internet connection opens up your system to threats. Whether they are in the form of downloadable programs, email attachments, or phishing attempts, Front Line is there to detect and eliminate vulnerable entry points of ransomware and other types of malware. Our remote browsing sessions isolate internet traffic to our sandboxed environment in our secure infrastructure, any breach from a 0-day threat will not penetrate your network and be isolated to the sandbox session miles away.

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